It started with the idea of starting a physical The Half Half Studio aka 半间店 (Half of a shop) where we can share our passion about making things with people from all walks of life. It would be a platform where fellow friends with different passion can share to create things that are meaningful to them. We give our best in the first Half of each of our creation and we will pass the baton to you – to take it from here and complete the idea that has always been in your mind.


It started off with off-form concrete used in architecture. The minimalist aesthetic is achieved through rigorous craftsmanship and exemplary execution of the form work which the concrete is cast. The simplicity and honesty of material without no plastering or frivolous finishing is something we love and aspire to achieve. 


We are self-taught, through researching about this material online and experimenting with different proportions, different ideas and creating a mess with it. We love the physical touch to making things on our own and so we didn’t stop at the first.


Concrete requires a lot more discipline. Each product requires detailed planning and conceptualization, and once cast in situ, it can hardly be reversed. It is this rigidity that gives the strength and permanence of the material.


Simple as it may seem, the medium has plenty to offer - the subtle changes in the shades of greys and varying type of finishing. We are still not done with the experimentation.   


The texture, the strength/weight and individuality that comes from concrete itself makes every piece unique.  Its simplicity makes us look deeper into how they can complete a room without being ostentatious but yet brings out a tinge of elegance. 


Perfect imperfection.


About The Half Half Studio