Concrete Planter Workshop II by The Half Half Studio X Public Garden

Lovely weekend spent with a group of creative and fun participants. During this introductory concrete workshop, we shared with the participants on how to create their own concrete planter using basic techniques and used paper/ plastic cups, tetra packets, etc. as the moulds. We were really glad that the workshop turned out well and participants appreciated the concrete making process and understood the importance of mould making.

Concrete making requires a lot more discipline. Each product requires detailed planning and conceptualization, and once cast in situ, it can hardly be reversed. It is this rigidity that gives the strength and permanence of the material.

Simple as it may seem, the medium has plenty to offer - the subtle changes in the shades of greys and varying type of finishing. We are still not done with the experimentation.

The texture, the strength/weight and individuality that comes from concrete itself makes every piece unique. Its simplicity makes us look deeper into how they can complete a room without being ostentatious but yet brings out a tinge of elegance.

Day 1 of workshop (approx. 2 hrs)

1. Introduction to Concrete as a material

2. Demonstrations 3. Hands-on - Participants created their own unique mould(s) using used paper/ plastic cups, tetra packets, etc.

- Mixing of concrete

- Setting the mix into mould. All concrete planters will be left in the workshop overnight to set.

Day 2 of workshop (approx. 2.5 hrs - 3 hrs)

1. Introduction to types of sanding method and finishing

2. Demonstration -

2. Hands-on

- Demould

- Sanding

- Final touching up - painting and/ or potting of plants.

At the end of the workshop, participants each brought home their own creations and as well as one portion of dry cement mix and basic tools required to continue creating their unique concrete product(s) with their newly learnt skills.

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